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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All DotA Items

All Dota items from map v6.52 warcraft dota allstar (from A to Z):

Aghanim's Scepter 6000

The scepter of a wizard with demigod-like, adds 30 intelligence, 500 mana, 500 life and improves your ultimate
to make: mystic staff 2700 + soul booster 3300

Ancient Tango of Essifation 90

created by cannibals that went vegan. Allows the bearer to consume two trees, restoring 175 hit points over 25 seconds. 2 charges


Animal Courier 225

Creates a small fast unit that can carry items to and from your base. If it dies the items will fall to the ground


Arcane Ring 1700

A powerful jeweled ring that glows with intense magical energy. Gives +3 armor and 300 mana. Can cast replenish to restore 135 mana to an area around the caster

to make: Energy Booster 1000 + Ring of Protection 175 + Arcane Ring Recipe Scroll 525


Armlet of Mordiggian 2850

who in ancient times obtained cursed immortality by eating of the flesh of the beeing they worshipped, losing their souls in the process. Similiarly, heroes invoking this withered remnant enter a dark pact, exchanging their own life for an unholy strength. Gives +9 damage, +15% attack speed, +5 armor and +3 hp/sec. Casts unholy strength

Cooldown 10 second

To make: Helm of Iron Will 950 + Gloves of Haste 550 + Blades of attack 650 + Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe Scroll 700


Assault Cuirass 6120

Forged in the depths of the river styx, this hellish mail provides +10 armor, +5 armor aura (for allies), -5 armor aura (for enemies), 40% increased attack speed and +15 attack speed aura

To make: Plate Mail 1400 + Hyperstone 2100 + Chain Mail 620 + Assault Cuirass Recipe Scroll 2000

Battle Fury 4760

The user becomes a powerful killing machine. Gives 150% enchanced mana regeneration, 6 hit points regenerated per second +65 attack damage, and 35% cleaving attack

To make: Mithril Hammer 1610 + Perseverance 1.750 + Claymore 1400

Belt of Giant Strength 450

Stripped down from titans fallen in war of the magi, this enormous belt provides 6 bonus strength to the bearer


Black King Bar 3800

A powerful rod imbued with the strength of giants. Adds +10 strength, +18 damage, and the avatar ability, which last 10 seconds

cooldown : 85 seconds

To make: Ogre axe 1000 + Broadsword 1200 + Black King Bar Recipe Scroll 1600

Blade Mail 1770

Invented by the burning Legion, this razor-sharp coat of mail increases attack damage by 15 and armor by 5 when wor. Any melee attackers will receive 20% damage return

To make: Blades of Attack 650 + Chainmail 620 + Blade Mail Recipe Scroll 500

Blade of Alactricity 1000

A long blade imblued with time magic. Grants the bearer +10 agility


Blades ofAttack 650

A weapon of choice among sadists. Increases damage by 9 when worn


Bloodstone 5050

The last of the blood artifacts forged by the powerful hemomancer erythros centuries ago. Grants +450 mana regen, +6 hp/sec regen. You again 2 hp/mp extra regen per second for each charge. When you die this restores 450 hp/ 400 mana to nearby allies. you respawn faster and lose less gold (better if you have charges). while dead you gain xp and vision in that area

To make: Soul Booster 3300 + Perseverance 1750

Chainmail 620

A medium weave of metal chains. Adds 5 Armor


Circlet of Nobility 185

An elegant circlet designed for human princess. Increase all stats by 2


Clarity Potion 50

A live wisp is captured in each bottle. Regenerate 100 mana over 30 seconds when used. Dispels on attack


Claymore 1400

A sword that can cut through armor, and still slice a tommato. Provides 21 bonus damage


Cranium Basher 3220

A powerful weapon, used to bash skulls in. Adds 30 damage, +3 strength, and has a 15% chance to bash for 25 damage and stunning for 1.1 seconds

To make: Mihril Hammer 1610 + Gauntlets of strength 150 + Cranium Basher Recipe Scroll 1460


Crystalys 2350

Named after a decisive battle in the war of the magi, in which the rebels rescued Roshan from his improsnment at crystalys. Adds 35 damage and has has a 10% critical strike for 1.75x damage

To make: Broadsword 1200 + Blades of Attack 650 + Crystalys Recipe Scroll 500

Dagon 3000

A lesser scepter that has been duplicated time and time again. Gives +2o intelligence, +9 damage, +3 to all stats, and up to 800 damage energy burst

Cooldown : 24 seconds

can be upgrade, dagon level 1, level 2 and level 3

To make: Staff of Wizardy 1000 + Blades of Attack 650 + Dagon Recipe Scroll 1350

Demon Edge 2600

A sword of a fallen general of a Demon army, imbued with unholy strength. Adds +36 damage


Diffusal Blade 3000

An enchanted blade that allows the user to cut straight in to the enemy's soul. Adds 10 agility, 6 intelligence and feedback (burns 18 mana) and can cast purge

orb effects do not stack

cooldown : 12 seconds

To make: Blade of alacrity 1000 + Robe of the Magi 450 + Diffusal Blade Recipe Scroll 1550

Divine Rapier 7800

The Divine Rapier was granted by God him self to the rebels in the war of the magi. Grants +250 damage, but drops if the user dies

Drops upon death

To make: Sacred Relic 3800 + Demon Edge 2600 + Claymore 1400

Name of item : Blue

Price to Buy: Red

by : iNFo DotA to all dota lovers

to be continued......

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